What is a TruRating profile page?

A TruRating profile page is a public page available online which promotes the TruRatings that your business has received to date as well as giving some contact details for your business.

Please click here to see an example profile page.

Profile pages offer a fantastic opportunity for businesses to showcase your ratings, build brand awareness and improve online visibility.

Once your TruRating profile page is created, it might take a little while for Google to pick up the new page but once it is discoverable via Google, people will locate it when searching for reviews for your business name.

As TruRating generates a much higher volume of ratings than other feedback platforms and every TruRating is made anonymously by a paying customer, these ratings can be 100%  trusted which ensures that your profile page acts as a powerful tool for your business.

When you have a TruRating profile page published, your ratings will also be added to your Google Knowledge Graph, see examples below


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