What is TruPulse?

TruPulse is a small widget/ tag that sits on the bottom left corner of your website and shows a summary of the volume of TruRatings that your business has received todate  along with your average TruRating score(updated daily).

Here is an example of how a TruPulse appears

As TruRating generates a much higher volume of ratings than other feedback platforms and every TruRating is made anonymously be a paying customer, these ratings can be 100%  trusted which ensures that your TruPulse widget acts as a powerful tool to boost 'social proof' for your business and enhance customer confidence while browsing your website.

Your TruPulse widget can be installed on both mobile and/ or desktop.

If you would like to install a TruPulse widget on your website, please contact us here and we will send you the unique code that you or your website team will need to add your website in order for your TruPulse widget to appear.

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