What information do I receive in my weekly ratings report?

Once your business has been operating TruRating for two weeks, you will begin to receive an emailed  weekly summary report on Monday of each week which summarises the ratings that your business has received from the past seven days.

Here is an example of part of a weekly summary report

The information that you receive will include your volume of ratings, an average score for each metric, an average spend amount for your Fans (rated 8 or 9), Indifferent (rated 6 or 7) or Disappointed (rated 5 or less).

You will also see a breakdown of scores for custom questions used in your store/s.

There is also an indication of your Tru NPS score (click here for further information on Tru NPS) and, if you have more than one store/ venue in your dashboard view, you will be able to see a comparison of all TruMetrics for each store.

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