Where do I find my TruRating scores? (Dashboard 1.0)

You can access your TruRating scores by logging in to your account here and clicking on the ANALYTICS tab at the top of the screen.

When you first view ratings on your dashboard, you will see a summarised version of your ratings. We call this the 'one-minute dashboard' and this gives a quick snapshot of the scores that you have received over the previous 7 days. You can click on the blue line at the top of the screen to change that date range to 24 hours or 4 weeks.

To access a more detailed view of your ratings, you need to click on the Report pick-list towards the top left of the screen and select Overview.

This more detailed dashboard provides a broad overview of your performance including your TruRating scores, your ratings over time, benchmarking data, spend analysis and a heat map to show you how your business performs at different times of the day and week.

We've put together the below short tutorial to give you an introduction to your Summary (also known as one minute) dashboard

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