Can I create my own questions?

Yes, you can add your own 'custom' questions for your business and  you can choose different custom question sets for groups of stores or even tills

e.g. Specific questions on automated checkouts

Custom questions will run alongside your main rotation of core questions and will enable you to dig into more store or wider business-specific issues. 

Your customers will still be asked just one question with the core and custom questions in rotation together

Custom questions can have multiple choice answers such as Yes/ No and the responses are not included in any of your TruRating scores so you can really use them to test receiving feedback on areas that are important to your business.

You can also weight some custom questions to appear more frequently than others if you want to receive feedback on a particular scenario quickly.

Here are some case studies where our existing customers have used custom questions successfully

Five Below case study

New Balance case study

Our TruRating team will be happy to advise you on your question requirements and will work with you to ensure that you are receiving the volume of feedback that you need.

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