Choosing which Stores/ Outlets on Your Dashboard View

The Outlet filter sits at the top of the Dashboard and, depending upon which stores you have been given permission to view within your business, this will allow you to select the stores you wish to view.

Your initial Dashboard view will display all stores that you have been permission to view.

When you click on the Outlet Filter, the filter expands to provide 3 options; Outlets, Outlet Groups and Country.


This displays the outlets as set up within the hierarchy for your business


If you wish to view a different set of outlets, you just need to click on the outlets or drill down further using the + buttons to open up the outlet list and click "Apply".

You can also search by name in the search box.


If your business operates in more than one country and you have permission to view stores in those countries, your initial dashboard view will show scores for all countries.

To drill down to a specific country or countries, just choose from the country pick list and click "Apply".

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