Heatmap chart

The Heatmap chart is accessed via the blue 'View Heatmap' button on any of the Trends pages. 

The Heatmap chart is where you can view your rating scores per time of day. There is both a Day-part (morning, afternoon and evening) and an hourly view and it is available for all core and custom questions.

It highlights the highest and lowest key times of the week. 

Our Heatmap is primarily in red, amber and green colours but is also available in a colorblind option at the top right of the panel.

When 'low ratings' is displayed, it means that there were less than 30 ratings collected for that hour or time of day so you may want to expand your search from an hourly view to a day part or expand the time period via the date filter.

When 'insufficient data' is displayed, it means that the outlet/s collected less than 2 ratings for that period of time so again, you may want to expand your search time period.

Below are examples of some Heatmap charts.

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