Using the Custom Date Filter on Mobile

When selecting a date filter on mobile devices, selection is done directly on the calendar.

Start by selecting the date filter  and a drop down menu will appear on the mobile screen.

Select Custom Date and the screen to select the custom date will appear.

Once the screen shows the calendar, tap on the gray month field to select from the drop down list 

for the month of the desired custom date range. The year can also be selected, going back two calendar years.

Tap on that specific date on the calendar to highlight as the start date of the custom filter. May 1, 2023 is selected below.

Then tap on the end date and the whole custom date should be highlighted. The end date selected was May 31, 2023.

If not the correct date range, then simply tap a new date as the start date and then tap on the desired end date.

Select Apply once you have verified this is the correct start and end date to view.

The custom date filter is then displayed in the header as selected.

All of the data shown is for that selected custom date range.

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