Quite simply put, TruRating lets you hear directly from the majority of your customers every day at one of the most competitive prices on the market. 

Customer ratings can be analysed in many different ways, helping you to understand more about service levels, product range, store performance and shift patterns.

We can show you how happier customers spend more money with your business and which areas you need to focus on to increase your customer rating score and in turn, generate more revenue for your business.

TruRating arms you with the data that you need to make strategic decisions, based upon real customer insight, across every function of your business.  Take a simple example of restaurant seating. If you wanted to change from benches to chairs in your venues, you could run a question asking your customers to rate the seating from 0-9 before you decide to commit to the expense of new furniture.

With TruRating, you’ll hear what your customers think every day, all year round.  It’s not just about scoring customer experiences, it’s about continually improving them too.

Please see the below short video that we have put together to show you how you can use TruRating to generate more revenue for your business.