Whether your business has one or multiple venues, you will still need to create an outlet for each venue in addition to your business details. This is so that an individual ratings dashboard view is created for each venue.

It's simple to create a new outlet, you just need to select ACCOUNT from the top navigation bar, then select Add outlet from the right hand side of the screen.

The next screen will ask you to fill in  the relevant details for your new outlet then select the blue Add  button at the bottom right of the screen to save.  

Your new outlet will now appear on your main list when you select the Outlets option.  You'll notice that it's status will read 'Inactive'.  You will need to select Activation from the left hand menu and follow the onscreen instructions to ensure that TruRating will start running on your terminals (in most cases this will happen once you've paid the initial setup fee).

At this point a member of the TruRating support team will be in contact directly to help you download the TruRating application on to your payment terminals.