To invite a new user (one of your staff members) to access your outlet, first click on the ACCOUNT tab at the top of the website before selecting the 'Users' option from the left hand column: 


When you select 'Users' from the left hand side, you'll be taken to a list of all current users on your account.  You'll find here details about each user's 'status' (whether they've accepted their invite yet) and the time of their last login to the dashboard.  On the right hand side is a blue button labelled 'Invite New User' - click on this to proceed. 

You'll be taken through to a new screen listing all of your outlets, alongside the list of possible admin rights you can grant any new user.  Hover your cursor above them to see what they do. 

At the bottom of the screen is a space for the user's name and email address.  Select the admin rights you would like to grant to the new user and press the 'Send Invite' button to send them an email invitation to join your account.  If you would like to grant a user access to all of your outlets - tick the appropriate boxes at the 'Head Office' level (the top row); if on the other hand you would like them to only access the ratings for a specific outlet, tick the boxes next to the appropriate name to ensure the correct access level. 

You can invite as many additional users to your TruRating account as you wish - they will receive an email prompting them to create their own login and password.  If you invite a user from a specific outlet they will only be granted permission to view that outlet's dashboard, but you can also invite users to access all of the outlets in your account by inviting a user from your main business account name at the top of this screen.

The list of those currently allowed to access any given outlet will be listed just below.  To adjust a user's permission levels, or to remove them entirely from your account, click on the blue 'View' button and you will be able to make the changes you wish (as long as you have the correct permission setting yourself).