Trends charts for Core Metric Questions

From your main Dashboard view, you can use the blue arrow icon to click through to view the Trends page for any of your 5 core metrics or your overall TruRating score

These Trends charts allow you to view your business performance over time indicating the best and worst times of the time period that you have selected to view. 

Below is an example of some Trends charts for a Service question.

Your Performance Over Time chart shows you a breakdown of scores for each day for the time period chose, just hover over the date to view them.

If you'd like to see a deeper view on specific times of the week, you can do that via the blue 'View Heatmap' button at the bottom left of the screen and you can learn more about the Heatmap here.

The store comparison summary panel shows you the top 3 performing outlets and the bottom 3. If there are less than 6 stores to view, they will just be displayed in descending order.

To view scores for all stores, you can click on the blue 'View List'  button and this will take you to the Store Comparison list page.You can learn more about the Store Comparison Page here

The Average Customer Spend panel gives you the average amount that your customers are spending with you and is broken down into fans (rated 8 to 9), indifferent (rated 6 to 7) and disappointed (rated 0 to 5).

The response panel gives a breakdown of the responses to that question.

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