A first look at your TruHub dashboard


The TruHub header contains access to the User Menu and Dashboard library. The user menu will appear when your initials are selected on the right side of the header.

My details: Contains the details used to setup this account including name, mobile number (I provided), and email address used to login.

Account Admin: To view the permissions a user has.  If given access, the account administrator will have the ability to view as well as edit the permissions for all users within a merchant.

FAQs: Provides a link to this section of Knowledgebase to help better understand your TruHub dashboard better.

Provide Feedback: We welcome feedback from you! Please rate your dashboard experience and provide additional comments on how we can improve it.

Request Support: Having issues and need additional support? Fill out this form and it is sent to our customer care team at support@trurating.com.

Language: English is the default language of the dashboard, however French and French Canadian are also currently available.

The Dashboard library is where all the dashboards available to you are shown including Your dashboard and Comments page for reviewing all the qualitative comments available.

Touchpoint Banners

The touchpoints appear in a list view and visibility is based on user permissions. You can expand the touchpoint by selecting the blue arrow.

Below the touchpoint title is an overview of the engagement stats for the chosen period: quantity of questions asked, response rate and quantity of responses.  

When you select See More,  skip rate and timeout rate are displayed as well.


For each touchpoint there are applicable section items shown including: TruMetrics, TruNPS, Custom Questions, & Comments.

Each section menu contains a list of all the applicable graphs, charts and tables to present the data for the selected touchpoint and section.

Configuring Tab and List View

By default the items on the section menu display in Tabs (one at a time).

To configure the section items into list view, you can select the gear at the bottom of the section menu.

Select List View and all of the section items will appear in a list.  

You can either scroll down to the section item or select it in the section menu and will jump directly to that graph, chart or table.

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