Choosing which store/outlets are on Your TruHub dashboard view

The Outlet filter allows the user to choose which stores/outlets that they want to see.  When you click on the Outlets button, a dialog window opens up to display the merchant’s organization for all touchpoints available according to user permissions.

Initially, the user will see all the stores/outlets that the user has permission to view. This displays the outlets as set up within the hierarchy for your business. If you wish to view a subset of outlets, just click on the outlets or drill down further using the + buttons to open up the outlet list and select each outlet that you wish to view.

As outlets are selected, they will appear to the right blue column for all touchpoints. If you want to remove specific outlets, then select the X to the right of the specific outlet name.

You can remove all the selections by clicking ‘Clear’. You can also search by name in the search field.

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